GPU about to throw in the towel?


I've had my radeon 6970 for about a year now... been playing crisis and i am seeing allot of weird stuff... firstly sometimes i can see NPCs through walls and when i grab an enemy solider their body freezes and all i can see is a hat with two eyeballs below :heink:

The card is at 60c so its not overheating and I've never over clocked it... are there any tests i can run to check if its broken?
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  1. Is this problem just with Crysis, or are you running into problems with other games as well? If it is just Crysis that is causing you trouble, I would reinstall the game, it could be some files are corrupted, and that is causing those sorts of problems. Also make sure the game is patched to the latest version. This really does sound more like a game bug rather than a problem with the GPU.
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