Building a new PC and have at least one question.

Hi everyone.
Will this GPU:

Work in this Motherboard?:

I think it will. {GPU - 'Bus Support, PCI-E3.0 X16' ------- Motherboard - 'PCI-E GEN, GEN3 (16) GEN2 (4)}

Just wanted to check first.
Thanks in advance.

(Any further questions regarding this build will be posted here)
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  1. To answer your question....yes it will work...but you should be asking.... should I get this gpu for this amount of money?
  2. Go to and compare what GPUs offer the most bang for the buck.
  3. The cheapest that I can find that particular GPU for is $91 AUS.
    I will look later for a comparable GPU at a lower price.
    Thanks guys.
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