Building computer budget. Help me find parts please.

Hello, my name is Elliott and I'm here today to des cuss a new project I'm doing. I'm going to be building my first computer. And I need help finding some parts like mother board, storage, Amd or intel, case, psu, the ssd, the heatsink, basically everything. My buget is 500-1000$s and I'm going to use it for some heavy gaming as I don't really enjoy playing ps3, or Xbox. I was going to buy alien ware m17x laptop or there high end desktop but heard you can build a computer for a lot cheaper and it still be the same basically. Now I'm more of that future type gamer so I like futuristic looking items. The theme color is going to be red and black, and I've bought some carbon fiber viynial that I use on building my Xbox 360 laptops. But ya if anyone can help me, I would like a full list if possible. And as I said I love to game. Can someone please help me?
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  1. I would get an i5, 7870 (7950 if it's on sale), and 8GB of RAM for your budget.
  2. I believe the best budget gaming set up right now is something like

    FX 6300 $140
    Asrock 970 Extreme4 $105
    2 x4 gig of 1600 MHz RAM rated for 1.5 volts or less $40
    hard drive $90
    dvd burner $17
    radeon 7850 $180
    Antec ONE case $55 [ even has front USB 3 ports ]
    Corsair CX 600 watt psu $50 [ after rebate ]
    win 7 [ or 8 ] 64 bit $100

    Newegg prices

    That leaves you enough in a $1000 budget for Monitor , mouse keyboard and speakers
  3. Ok, heres what ive got, asus sabertooth 990fx, r2.0 am3+. Amd fx-6300. Corsair vengence 8gb the red ones, SAPPHIRERRadeon HD7850. Corsair builder series cx600 600w. Coolermaster storm enforcer. Corsair hydro sereies h60. Western digital 1tb wd green wd10ears. Wich this is around 870$s is this all i need?? I cant find a good dvd drive though. Also should i build this or should i get the aleinware laptop?
  4. STop, DO NOT BUY AMD, for the amount of money you are spending this is just wrong.

    Change the motherboard to this :

    and the processor to this

    You will get a LOT more performance especially in gaming.
  5. I wouldnt pay for the sabertooth unless you are adding another graphics card . It wont perform better than the asrock i suggested above

    The water cooler is a bit basic . A good air cooler would work fine . But so would the stock cooler till you can afford to add one later

    The GREEN hard drive is slow . Boot and loading times will be longer

    DVD drives cost 17 - 18 dollars. Buy any one
  6. Ok, could you please tell me a good 1-1.5 tb hardrive? And I do think I'm going to go with intel now
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