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Black bars after updating catalyst control center help

September 10, 2012 10:04:09 PM

Hey i love these forums ive posted here before and the results are great.. i just recently updated my catalyst control center and drivers since it stated there was an update however i now have black bars all around my screen, this happens every time i update my catalyst control center, i usually figure out how to fix it myself but im not sure now.. ive tried just about everything i can think of.. im running 3 monitors all 3 are 23" acer's, all 3 connected via hdmi 2 with adapters, im running 3x 6950's with all the monitors plugged into 1 graphics card; ive tried gpu scaling and no love.. i also changed my resolution to the lowest i could it was like 800x something.. and it let me do gpu scaling to maintain aspect ratio which fixes the black bars.. but only let me do it to 1 screen.. wouldnt let me do the others after choosing them.. after i put it back to my standard resolution the 1 monitor no longer has the bars.. these monitors dont have an option to change the scaling on them by themselves sadly.