I need to lower the price of this computer so it is closer to $1000

Can you help me lower the price of my computer so that it is a bit closer to $1000 which was supposed to be my budget.
Computer parts:



Overall price: $1292.64
the price includes zip ties, tool kit, and an anti static wrist band.
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  1. I can't help you with the price, but I can tell you not to get that USB wifi dongle. Get a wifi extender and plug your PC into that instead. You'll get much faster speeds for the same/lower price.
  2. Do you have a screw driver? If so, you don't need a "tool kit".
    Don't bother with the wrist band - install your power supply first, plug it in to the wall, and touch the bare metal of the case or power supply every minute or so to ground yourself.

    Get 2 sticks of 4GB RAM each, run them dual channel. It'll be faster.

    Get an Agility 4 instead of 3 - they're more reliable.

    You can probably get just a 500GB hard drive.

    That's an unreliable PSU - save money by getting a 500w power supply of a good brand.

    Don't bother with a "gaming" keyboard - get a Comfort Curve 2000 - very well built for cheaper.

    If you want to save $100, go with a 660ti or AMD offering.
  3. this computer is for gaming btw...
    ummm i got a 8 gb ram stick so I can add on later when I have more money...
    can you pick a agility 4 and a hard drive out for me...
    also what do you mean that the psu is unreliable?
  4. he means the psu is going to break. Better to buy name-brand psu. Also there's no need to go for the gaming keyboard, Unless it's mechanical there won't be a difference.
  5. this is my first computer so can you tell me a name brand to buy from ?
  6. Look for a PSU from CoolerMaster or Corsair.
  7. is antec a good one?
  8. Yeah, Antec is reliable.
  9. also should i get 500 gb for hdd or 1tb
  10. Corsair, OCZ/PPC, Seasonic

    swap to AMD 7950 and save $100 with similar or better performance
  11. for hardrive?
  12. both hard drives and ssd's go on rebate sales all the time, watch and pounce on a good deal. Last month a 1.5TB hard drive was $50 and 128gb SSD was $60, if you paid attention. I'd say get the Harddrive first and then you get choose between the cheaper last generation SSD and the more expensive current generation later on.
  13. I chose to get an ssd first
  14. AssassinAzn said:
    this computer is for gaming btw...
    ummm i got a 8 gb ram stick so I can add on later when I have more money...
    can you pick a agility 4 and a hard drive out for me...
    also what do you mean that the psu is unreliable?

    I have a total of 8GB... when gaming with photoshop and 16 tabs open in chrome, I don't use more than 6 of it.

    You don't need to add more later - it's better to get 8GB of faster ram. Besides, that motherboard has 4 slots - you can always decide to add another two 4GB sticks.

    What do you mean pick an agility 4? Just get the size you need - I recommend a 128gb one. As for the hard drive, get a 500GB western digital blue.
  15. what are some reliable ssd brands?
  16. The ONLY brands you should go with right now are OCZ agility 4, Samsung 830/840 pro, or Intel 520.
  17. what about OCZ vertex 4
  18. Yeah, that'll be fine - there's basically no difference between the Vertex and Agility models.
  19. Lol I kinda changed my mind a little would kingston be fine?
  20. Haven't heard good or bad about kingston, so I can't comment there.
    It's a sandforce-based controller, though, so it'll be about as reliable and fast as every other sandforce-based SSD.

    I again recommend a different keyboard unless your heart is set on that one - it's too gimmicky to justify the price.

    I also highly highly recommend just using an ethernet cable to connect to your modem - it's indefinably more reliable, and way faster to boot.
  21. I'd rather go wireless because I'm 13 and don't really know and want to know the hassles of bringing that ethernet cable around the house.
    Can you reccomend a cheaper gaming keyboard?
    or just make the computer cheaper?

  22. Okay, in that case, get a PCI wireless card rather than a USB dongle.

    As for a cheaper keyboard, I already recommended one - the Comfort Curve 2000. Don't fall for flashy lights and "gaming" tags - they're just a way to increase price.

    As for making the computer cheaper, get the lowest-end quad core ivy bridge i5 and a 660 or 660ti instead of 670.
  23. will lowering the cpu performance change much??
  24. As long as it's still a quad core, no, that difference won't matter to the FPS in games. It'll make windows feel slightly slower, but it won't affect games.
  25. Oh then I shouldn't change it because I will be using this for school work as well
  26. Haha, trust me, it will be PLENTY fast for school work, no matter which processor you get. I'm talking milliseconds more to open programs - the only place you're going to see a noticeable difference is in photoshop work or video editing.
  27. Oh ok thanks man
    So what should I lower to
  28. I'd go with an i5-3330
  29. what about the video card
  30. Like I said, a 660, 660ti if you want to stick with Nvidia.
  31. I lowered the price to $1261


    any other tips?
  32. Can you also help me pick out a PCI Wireless Adapter?
  33. Grab an Asus one - they have one for about $40, I think.

    Also, you don't need 3GB of VRAM on a 660ti - it'll just slow it down. Find one with the normal 2GB.
  34. It looks like if you get a good one of those it'll work fine, yes.
  35. have you also tried going to your local computer/electronic stores? if you go look, there are some pretty good deals too.
  36. i feel sad for those without Fry's or Microcenter...
  37. I'd say go for a cheaper mouse. Really need a $50 mouse? My $20 mouse works really well, and always has, for past 2 or so years. Also, try an NZXT Phantom 40 Mid Tower. Nicer case for $15 less. http://pcpartpicker.com/part/nzxt-case-caph410g1
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