What is the refresh rate of this moniter?

Pretty much 99.9% of monitors have a 60Hz refresh rate.
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  1. Before I purchase this moniter:
    I want to make sure that the moniter can handle at minimum 60fps. Where does it tell me if it can do 60fps? Thanks in advance

    Note: Is this the right section?
  2. LCD's don't have an actual refresh rate(like CRT's do). They will accept whatever frame rate your GPU can put out.
  3. Vertical Refresh Rate
    50 - 76 Hz
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    Look on the "Details" tab where it says Vertical refresh rate. That's what you're looking for. It says 50-76 HZ. Usually that means that it will support 60Hz or better at it's native resolution. I couldn't get the manual to download in a format that I could read but you should be able to get more details there
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