win2k won't boot up after memory upgrade

I recently upgraded my computer's generic pc 100 memory to crucial's PC133 RAM, but the system will only take up to 256 mb of ram anything beyond that and the system will hang on boot up.
Now this only happens in Win2k SP2 and not in Linux (Red Hat 7.1). Any idea why that is?
The motherboard is a Jetway 663 AS running a duron 800mhz processor and should take up to 1.5gb of RAM or so the manual says. I've already tested both sticks of RAM independently from the other and the systems runs fine.

Thanks guys.
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  1. check bios settings, try setting latency to CAS3, especially if your using all the memory slots. Maybe even changing the memory timings too. And try not to mix your old pc100 with the pc133 Crucial, can cause timing issues too.. laterz

    Sounds like an ID-10-T problem? :wink:
  2. Try running the CTSPD program and see what info it throws up. Maybe there's a mixing problem.

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