Galaxy GTX670 4GB GC idle temps high?

Having an issue with my idle temps being severely higher after a week of owning this card... when i first purchase the card i was getting idle temps of 28-32c now it starts at 38c and slowly climbs up to 42c. I have a HAF922 with an extra fan on the bottom firing downward. I havent changed the orientation or position of desktop, or the fan directions inside the case. Any ideas as to what's causing this?
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  1. Not sure about the temps but what do you mean by the fan on the bottom firing downwards, you mean it blows the air out on the bottom ?

    It does blow air in originally.
  2. by firing downwards i mean i added in an additional fan not included in the HAF922 a coolermaster 140mm fan and it is blowing air OUT of the case through the bottom and i mainly did that because the fan is considerably louder when blowing air INTO the case. I also managed to figure out what happened to my GPU.... the fan on it nearest to the rear of the case sucked up one of the wires for my front audio and was hung on it... (FACEPALM and EPIC FAIL) anyways thanks for taking the time to respond and enquire.
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