Does a new DDR memory requires a BIOS change?

Hey ya all , i just bought a new DDR memory and installed it on my MB. i just wanted to know if i need to change any settings in the BIOS?
i got an Asus a7a266 , amd 1.13Ghz/266.

10x in advance
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  1. the a7a266 is the dual sdram/ddram board right?
    u dont need a bios update, though it is always nice to have the newest most uptodate version at all times.

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  2. It's automatically detected as far as I know. If it wasn't, it would be controlled by a jumper. This is because you actually need memory to get into BIOS!

    Back to you Tom...
  3. Yes the memory is automatically detected by the BIOS through the chipset.

    BIOS doesnt need any RAM to get working. See how the speaker beeps at you when there is no memory.

    Its the BIOS code that resides in the non-volatile ROM region and is run everytime the machine is started. It does many things that dont need any read/write memory before actually setting up memory parameters and then it goes about initialising the processor, display, peripherals etc.


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  4. He was actually asking about getting into Settup. BIOS initiates from ROM but the Settup user interface still needs RAM to display.

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  5. Right.

    RAM is such a fundamental resource that it would have a jumper setting to select/enable it. No RAM o dislpay and nothing would work.


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  6. Two options; manual switching (jumper, dip) or auto switching (voltage is sent to both types of slots, whichever gives a signal is turned on). Since I don't own the board I don't know which they use.

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  7. DDR is automatically detected on boot up, <i>if</i> you're in jumperfree mode. If you're using jumpers, #5 needs to be set at "Off". No BIOS update is necessary.
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