Sapphire HD7870 vs Sapphire HD7870 OC

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to ask if there is really any difference between these two cards other than clock speeds and memory?

The reason I ask is because I see far more reviews online about the OC version than the non OC. The reason this confused me is because I always thought it would be cheaper to buy the non OC card and overclock it to the same levels as the OC version or even higher.

So is there something I'm still missing, like another advantage the OC has over the non OC? Because if not I will just buy the non OC and overclock it myself because here in New Zealand, the non OC is $20-$30 cheaper than the OC.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
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    the only advantage that the oc version could have over the non oc version (assuming it has the same heatsink and fan) is that the card could be binned....what this means is that not every graphics card is created equal some will overclock better than others so what companies do is they take the ones that can oc better and flash the OC version BIOS on to it.....this is not always the case though you could get an OC version and it could be unstable as hell 1mhz above stock or you could get a non OC version and it overclocks like a bat out of just gotta decide if its worth it to you for the GUARANTEED extra mhz....but 99/100 times you could get to those clocks and beyond with the regular versionn
  2. I would just go with the non OC versions and save yourself some money. I just up the frequencies in Catalyst Control Centre and add a touch to the power. They both have the same heat sink too.

    As drums101 said the OC cards could be binned higher but I wouldn't know.
  3. Thank you very much, I will probably be getting the non oc version then... I just hope it'll oc well.
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  5. yea usually they will rarely do you get stuck with the lemon that cant oc at all
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