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I have a Server 2008 R2 server that the user's connect to using Remote Desktop. I have one user that when logging into the server his default printer keeps changing from the installed network printer to the XPS writer. The printer is a networked printer hosted on our print server. I have installed the printer on the server under admin login, so it has the drivers locally. The user's local machine is Windows 7 SP1 and has the same printer as the network printer locally which works fine. I have turned off Local Resources on his RDP session since the redirect was not working properly with some programs we run. I then logged in as the user's profile under Remote Desktop and installed it as a network printer under his profile. I can select the network printer as the default; but the next time he logs into the remote session, it has changed the default back to the XPS printer. RDP has keep the networked printer as default for everyone else, just not him. I also noted that if I go to Devices and Printers immediately on logging in as him, the network printer does not even show for a few seconds; then it populates it. Does anyone know what would be causing this?
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  1. Solved. Deleting and recreating the local profile on the remote server fixed the issue.
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