Should I buy my friend's Dell PowerEdge 2600 for $40 or save the cash

I honestly don't need the system. I am just wondering if it is a good deal? I don't have any other specs other than its a Dell PowerEdge 2600, and he doesn't know anything about it. I am going to go look at it tho. Is $40 bucks a decent price for this machine? Or should I save it and put it into a nicer machine? I am also not sure what I will do with it.. Do you think it would make a decent home server, or NAS? Any other ideas of what I could do with it? I do know it uses older and somewhat odd hard drives, so I doubt a TON of storage would be possible. I could just build my own system with modern parts, and I have been saving my money to do that anyway.. Is this machine worth it?
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  1. System:

    $850, the price of $40 is super under priced so that's the best feature

    Two 3.2GHz Xeons, 1GB ram, 73GB harddrive, CD tray; can be upgraded to 6gb Ram

    It doesnt have a graphics card, so games are not really an option

    Its pretty much a little server
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    Honestly, you probably wouldn't find much use for it. See these specs:

    Adding memory and SCSI HDDs would be quite expensive. This really isn't a suitable desktop/gaming rig replacement either.

    In its day, it was nice, but it is very dated by today's standards. I would pass on the offer.
  3. If you need a download center( you can get external USB HDD) or print server get it if not why bother.
  4. i wouldnt get it but i'm on a strict 'buy one chuck one' PC policy these days
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