XFX 7870 not compatible with World of Warcraft?

I have the XFX Double-D 7870 and it works great in Benchmarks (7500 on 3DMark11) and in some games like Witcher 2. HOWEVER, this card hates World of Warcraft. At stock settings I'm getting about 40 fps consistently on ultra settings. If I lower the settings it gets better, but I bought this card to perform at ultra settings on most games, which it does for the most part.

Some people say that the 7xxx series (and AMD cards in general) have problems with WoW, but I haven't seen any hard proof, just people bitching (like me lol). Is there any type of fix for this? The card can be overclocked in other applications, but any attempt to OC it and run WoW result in freezing/shutdown etc.

If anyone knows anything about this problem and a possible fix, or at the very least acknowledgement that this is a real issue and it's not just me, I'd be very appreciative. Thank you.
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  1. WoW is an MMO game, this means it's more CPU dependent than GPU! Have you tried overclocking your CPU? IF you do so, you will get more performance!
  2. My CPU is currently clocked at 4.4Ghz @1.29V and stable on Prime95 for 24 hrs. It's an i5-2500K in an MSI Z77 mobo.
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    There is a new setting in WoW witch kills my GPU aswell, its called SSAO and was introduced with the latest patch. With SSAO enabled on High i can get 30FPS in OG (gtx 460 1GB/256bit). So i play with SSAO on low and its decent.. everything else on ultra like it was before (1080p)
  4. I'll test this when I get off work today, thank you.
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  6. well now i feel stupid i just ordered it 10 hrs ago FOR World of warcraft.
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