Intel DG41CN Mobo Gfx card compatability..

Hello to all,

I have a Intel DG41CN mobo, all I want to know is whether a HD 6670 DDR5 card will work on this. As the card is a PCIe 2.1 card and I am not sure whether this mobo has a PCIe 2 x16 slot. Because different sites mention different kind of slots for this mobo.. so will it work on that mobo?
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  1. Hi.

    Download GPU-Z and look at the pcie info at the bus interface to be sure.
  2. After googeling a bit i think it's a 1.1 version, so the 6670 or a 7750 should work.
  3. LoL, see what you mean, there is also a site claiming it's 2.0, anyway 1.1 and 2.0 are both ok. ( 1.0 is less safe )
  4. ok guys I just checked with HWINFO software it says PCIe Exxpress Version supported 2.0 but I do not know whether it is x1 or x16. If it is PCIe 2.0 then it should be x16 right?
  5. GPU-Z will determine that for sure . . .
  6. I tried GPU Z it is only showing the info for current Intel onboard graphics
  7. Sadness the mobo only supports DDR2 Ram :(
  8. Yeah, forgot that about gpu-z :whistle: Should have tried CPUID-Z, anyway ; i had a look again at your mobo specs and yes it is a x16.

    The DDR2 ram on the motherboard says nothing about the VRam on the gpu. A gpu with ddr3 vram will work with a ddr2 mobo, no problem.

    What is the purpose of the card, gaming or just work ?
  9. I know that ram interface does not effect Video cards but DDR3 is faster memory than DDR2 so I was going to get 2 gigs of DDR3 memory along with the video card.

    It is gaming.

    Now I am in a problem, I have another mobo which has DDR3 Memory support but it has only PCIe x16 1.0 slot, so will the card work?

    Its a Simmtronics G41 Mobo.
  10. Aha.

    Not sure but i think thats to slow, specially if you wanna get the card at full working speed.

    Also, if you wanna game and can spend just a little bit more money the hd7750 is a lot better.
  11. I have bought the card already as it was in my budget..

    as per this thread:

    It should work on PCIe 1.0 slot.. hmm
  12. Best answer
    Most pcie 1.0 do work with 2.1, only some don't.

    Anyway, a lot of "i think", "probably" and "i have a xxxx working on A 1.0 mobo".

    No specific answer on that specific mobo, though i guess if it had failed to work the op would have been back to complain. ( could have made that an other thread so no guarantee in that )

    Anyway, i'm quite sure it will work.
  13. Thanks for your kind help, I hope it works! Will be back in 2 days to give the final verdict..
  14. Best answer selected by rahlp.
  15. hahahah ok
  16. Your welcome.

    If it doesn't work you can punch me in the one good eye i have left ;)
  17. OK came here to give an update, actually I did not use the DG41CN Mobo after all, had another one Gigabyte G41 MT S2 and its working well..
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