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New GPU and a stick of ram PC encountering lag spike.

Hi all, first posting here, and hope i could get some help.

My pc is the model m1610-46MR25 and recently its PSU died down on me so I got it upgraded to a 450 watt psu and not long after my 3-4 yrs old gpu 8400 ddr 2 burnt as well so I've decided to get a new card to replace it.

I picked gt520 1 gb ddr 3 thinking that since 8400 served me fine so there's no need to get better card for it (not a hardcore gamer). I got a a new stick of 2 gb ram along with it to increase my ram capacity to 3 gb ram ( 1 gb + 2 gb in 2 slots) and got them installed by a IT personnel.

After installing the new hardwares and its driver, i'm starting to experience lag spikes while moving around my cursor and I could also detected it by playing the internet radio, it just hiccups periodically.

With the above, i went back to the shop, the guy installed back my old rams and the problem still persists. What is likely the cause of problem, anyone?
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  1. Open task manager and look at your CPU and memory usage. Check if there are any processes using unusually high amounts of either.

    Also make sure that all of your hardware drivers are up to date.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I will take note of that, by the way, does it have any slightest possibility that it may have something to do with the new gpu which is using ddr 3 that overpowered my cpu ? My current ram and last used gpu was using ddr 2.
  3. Not at all. The RAM on the GPU has nothing to do with your system RAM and certainly not with your CPU. To give you an idea, most GPU's ship with GDDR5 memory, while system RAM is not even up to DDR4 yet.
  4. Thanks Herr, I'm seeing the picture with your description. Just to update, my IT personnel can't fix it and thankfully he refunded me, but i doubt i'll get lucky a second time with other vendor.

    Prior to the GPU problem, my PSU went faulty several months back before and was replaced with the current icute 450w, I didnt read about the bad reputation of the icute PSU only until recently, much about it are that the supplying power isn't always constant, that brings me doubt about the PSU effective handling of the GPU, so does it stand any chance of causing the problem?
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    If the PSU is of very poor quality, then yes, it could certainly contribute. I would not expect it to be a problem unless the system is places under load though.
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