I am really starting to hate HDMI port I've never had as many problems with VGA/DVI/RCA out to anything as I do with !#@$!@$ HDMI on multiple PC platforms.

back to the problem.
until recently my HTPC(ATI 6900 series) was outputting fine to LG TV. It would recognize display on boot as long as tv was on. A few weeks ago it started to no longer be able to do so. It would sometimes recognize it on boot and sometimes it wont. The only solution I found is pluging/unpluging cable 10+ times would sometimes fix it or rebooting PC about the same amount of times.

So far I've tried
I've tried different cable - not the problem
updated ATI graphics driver 12.8 - that would not interfere with on boot detection anyways

any thoughts? Is graphics card dying again? Its only about 7 months old ... and I havent overclocked or used it for anything much other than playing movies...

I am also thinking to flash video card bios to fix this but have never done it before and am apprehensive. Other than that I am out of ideas as I havent done anything in MB bios for ages.
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  1. Have you tried a DVI to HDMI adaptor using the DVI output on the graphics card? I have that connecting my GTX 570s to my Samsung HDTV. Works fine for me. And I can send audio to the TV speakers if I want to. Although I don't. I use a 2.1 system from a discrete sound card for my audio.
  2. havent tryed DVI connection as I do not have an adapter. It is also more comfortable for me to keep using HDMI as I use my tv for both audio and video.

    I have found another work around. I've made windows open catalyst control center on boot and then it only takes a single unplug/plug back in for TV to work
  3. Modern graphic cards that have an HDMI output also send audio over the DVI output. I have a DVI-D single link to HDMI cable connecting my PC's card to my HDTV: http://www.amazon.com/DVI-HDMI-Cable-6ft-Male-Male/dp/B0002CZHN6 The speakers on the TV can be selected in Windows Control Panel/Sound/Playback to be the default sound device. The sound will then be sent to your TV speakers.

    UK Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Neet%C2%AE-Digital-Video-HIGH-SPEED-ADVANCED/dp/B001LIWDZK/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1347464042&sr=1-3

    (The video will be the same quality because HDMI and DVI both carry the same digital video signals.)
  4. thanks
    I will try that if I ever get my hands on an adapter

    on another note does anyone have any idea how to trouble shoot this HDMI thing?
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