Msi OC Hd 7770 Crossfire , which resolution should I aim for in 3 moni

Hi all ,I`ve been reading alot but am still abit confused , I`m leaving the AMD side and coming back to Intel , I`m trying for a mid gaming setup , I have Need For Speed Shift 2 unleashed that I really like , want Dirt 3 and other car type racing games .So far I have a
I5 3570K
2 Msi OC Hd 7770 cards for Crossfire
Msi Z77Ma-G45 mobo
No name Micro Atx case that has spots for Fan cooling
Gonna use Win 7 Home
16 Gb of Kingston Ddr3 1600
Have ordered a Racing wheel and pedals off Ebay
thinking a 900 Watt 80+ Psu would future proof for Gpu upgrades years from now
In the Crossire resolutions I`ve read about online I`m worried that the 5760x1080 might be to much for these 2 cards to handle because of the 1 Gb ddr5 memory.It seems to me that the high resolution seems to cut the frame rates in half at the resoltion? I don`t know nothing bout AA , AF , or Vsynk to set up a game properly , I want to use 3 21.5 or 3 22" LCD monitors in EyeFinity , thats all the room I have on my desk.The motherboard has 2 Pcie x 3.0X16 slots , in Crossfire they run both @ 8X8 lanes ,so I don`t think it weill hurt the performance any ,do you think if I bought monitors with a lower resolution of 1600x900 or 1440x768 it would help? Or should I get the 1920x1080 monitors?
Any and all help will be appreciated ,thanks Bill
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  1. Nobody ????
    Okay so will the crossfired Hd 7770`s run the 5760x1080 in eyefinity okay ? I`ve found a monitor I`m liking - Benq G2255 21.5" @ 1920x1080
  2. this is okay fellow Tom ers , no help is fine , I`m just gonna waste my money and take a chance .
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