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Hello, I have processor and memory from a dell desktop, and would like to know of/if any motherboard that would accept the parts:

Proc: intel pentium 4 640 SL7Z8
3.20 GHZ/2M/800/04A

Mem: 2x256MB INFINEON (HYS64T32000HU-5-A)

I know it probably wont be a great pc, but it would only be a spare, so any half decent board will do.


(if it assists i plan on using XP, and can use either sata or ide hard drives. minimum usb 2. Not bothered about anything else.
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  1. I believe no socket 775 boards are being sold anymore. Maybe you'll find one at a secondhand parts shop but it's unlikely. Maybe I'm wrong.
  2. aramisathei said:

    Looks like I was wrong. :D I'd go for the gigabyte, but don't take that as professional advice. The intel is quite expensive for your setup and I've heard bad things about ECS.
  3. Excellent, thanks guys. I'm in the UK and probably should have mentioned that initially, but no big deal, I searched for the cheaper ones suggested in the uk stores, but seem only available in the USA. I tried a search myself using the (socket 775 as the sole basis for the MB?) and found this one:


    Would that one work for me? And is socket 775 all I need to find on a board discription?

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