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I'm looking for a Windows 8 Laptop and need some help.
I'm also thinking in a Macbook Pro 15" Retina display, but I want first to know what options do I have with Windows 8.

These are the specs I'm looking for:

- CPU: Intel i7 quadcore 3rd generation (Ivy Bridge)
- Storage: I have preference for a SSD, but can be a HDD if the upgrade to SSD is possible;
- RAM: at least 8GB;
- Display: 14"-15.6" FULL HD
- VGA: anything..

I will use it for web developing and work with many virtual machines.
What are the best laptops in the market, and what is coming soon that's worth waiting for?

Thanks :)
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  1. My advice -

    Mac Book pro with retina display. 256GB SSD storage as standard.

    cons - you cant upgrade the SSD once you've bought it as the storage is solded to the motherboard. The overall price.

    pros - that screen..mmmmmmmm oh and it comes with a Nvidia Geforce GT650M and an i7.
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