GTX 480 vs.

Hi people,

I've found a refurbished GTX 480 £119, and new HD 7850 £143

Which one is better? According to the benchmark charts, GTX 480 has better performance.

My mobo is M4A78LTM-LE, 8GB RAM

PSU +5v & 3.3v combined 180w, +5v & 3.3v & 12V combined 830w max (how do I post PSU spec?)

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  1. Yes, GTX 480 is a little faster, but it draws nearly 3 times as much power as 7850, is loud as hell and runs very hot. If that's ok with you than buy it. Personally I would choose 7850. What about warranty, with refurbished products it's usually 12 months, how about that XFX?

    Post your PSU make and model, that will be enough.
  2. It's Win POWER SL-8850EPS!

    Warranty are both 1 years :<
  3. Unfortunately this is not a quality PSU. It's like a 600W unit which is a minimum for a power hungry card like GTX480. For this card there should be about 40A available on +12V rail.
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