Need a graphics card

Hi Guys,

I wanted to buy a new graphics card within 8000-9000 INR for my rig . Please suggest me a few good cards.

My current Config is:

Processor: Intel Core i5 2500k @3.3Ghz
M/B: Asus P8P67m
RAM: 4Gb
PSU: Corsair VX450 W
Monitor: Dell IN2020M (1600x900 max resolution)

Thanks in Advance.. :)

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  1. Quote:

    8000-9000 INR
  2. 6850
  3. Quote:
    how much is that in dollars?????????????????????????

    About 145-160
  4. Look for either a HD 6870 or a GTX 560
  5. Gtx 560 Ti is Great choice !
  6. hmm.... this is the website i would like you guys to refer please... cause there is a huge difference in prices cause GTX 560 is around Rs. 13650 here in India ... Please check out this website..

    Thanks for your replies though.... More help appreciated.. :)

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