Sparkle Geforce 210 1GB DDR3 graphics card problem

Sparkle Geforce 210 1GB DDR3 graphics card display not coming.Tried on 3 friends motherboard but still same problem. I went to the service centre they checked twice and it was ok but at my home the display is not coming. please help anyone.............
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  1. make sure the connector is not loose.
    what type of connection are you using?
    PC Specs should help
  2. Im using the VGA port,as far as i know that the connector is not loose coz i check everytime.

    My PC Specs :-

    Asus M2N-MX SE Motherboard (DDR 2 Board)
    AMD Athlon X2 5400+ 2.6 GHz Dual Core processor
    4 GB DDR-2 RAM (667 FSB)
    160 GB Hard Disk (Seagate Barracuda )
    Samsung 16 Inch LED Monitor
    450 Watts SMPS (Iball)
  3. Check VGA cable or check samsung monitor.
    I got same problem.
  4. My Monitor is 100% OK and so is the VGA cable
  5. Did you hear any sound during startup?
  6. My machine is working,windows login sound coming as usual,but the display is not coming.Dont know what to do,pls help.......
  7. I have a card that has been struck by lightning.
    It's an ASUS GT 210 DDR2.
    It would boot up but there is no display coming out from the monitor.
    In your case I'm not sure if your graphic card is faulty since you have sent to the service center.
    Or it could be that the card is overheating.
    Is there any sign of damage on the card?
    Or you can try updating the motherboard BIOS to see if there is an update.
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