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Nvidia 3D vision on the cheap

I realize this is an unlikely request but I need help to get this going.

I have no knowledge or insight, only people with experience please reply.

I am looking to do this in an affordable way due to a long upcoming canadian winter.

I am looking to pull off the following

3D at 720P oh high (prefered) detail or 1080 on medium detail

Monitor (tv prefered)
GPU 660 (non ti) or lower 570 gtx or 560ti 448 560 ti or should I think about an older GTX 480 power and heat are not issues for me.

I want to do this affordably.

I have everything else I need ( I think) the nv 3D glasses kit can be found really cheap locally.

Any Advice would help,

Just though I would add this I am looking to play older games bioshock 1 & 2 maybe replay borderlands and add a little borderlands 2 mybe crysis 2 on med or med low settings
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  1. As someone who owns 3D Vision, I'll try to help you out here.

    So, I just want to make sure that I'm understanding what you wish to accomplish here. You don't have the display or the Nvidia card or display yet? And for these you are planning on getting a 660 and want a 3DTV as opposed to a 3D monitor?
  2. More or less yeah that covers it, sorry I was kicking that out while at work.

    The plan is to do this as cheaply as possible. yes I realize this is not a cheap request but I want to keep costs down and get some 3D gaming.
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    Ah, okay.

    First of all, what games do you plan on playing? Since the specs of the 660ti haven't been released yet (as far as I know anyways), I can't give you exact performance numbers. As I'm sure you already know, 3D demands power, so you can expect to lose 40-60% of your frames, depending on the game, most of the time it's ~ half. At 1080p on medium I would say the 660 would work, giving you playable fps in most games, perhaps not extremely demanding ones such as BF3 though. 720p high settings would be even better performance I would estimate.

    Now, is where the display comes into the picture(no pun intended...). So you have 2 options, as you already pointed out. 3DTV or 3D Monitor (there's 3D projector, but that doesn't fit with the goal of being cheap). I would HIGHLY recommend that you go with a 3D monitor, and I'll tell you why.

    To use Nvidia's 3D solution with a 3DTV, you have to use something called 3DTV Play. This is limited to 720p resolution and uses the frame packing method to display a 3D picture. Now, 720p stretched out on a big TV won't look all that great. I know, because I have a 47" LG 3D TV that I use occasionally with my GTX 680 in 3D.

    Now, I also have an ASUS 3D Monitor. To be more specific, this model:
    I use it every day, although not in 3D all the time. When it comes to image quality and 3D immersion for games, the monitor wins hands down. It's not as big, but I'm sitting closer. And the best part is, this monitor can do 3D in it's native resolution, 1080P, not stretched and nasty frame packing 720p. It does this through a single Dual Link DVI cable. Which leads me to my second reason on why the monitor is better.

    120hz. That right there would have been alone for me to buy the monitor. You probably already know this, but not TV can properly display a 120hz signal. This monitor can. What that means is that you can see up to 120 frames when running in 2D(this allows it to do 60 in 3D, since it does 60 per eye). On most current monitors, you are capped at 60fps. Going to 120fps, things look so much smoother. You don't even have to play a game to notice. On your desktop, moving icons around makes things look so much smoother. I play games in 2D @ 120 frames just as much as I play in 3D, but that's probably just me. I love it.

    Finally, the monitor I linked will be cheaper than any 3DTV. Please note though, that this is a first generation Nvidia 3D Vision Monitor. They have since come out with 3D Vision 2 models. The main benefit if the version 2's is they are way brighter. My monitor gets considerably darker when gaming in 3D, due to the way active 3D works by flashing the glasses alternatively. But, with the Version 2 Monitors costing $500-$600, when I could get mine for $300, I didn't care about the darker image. So, it's up to you. There are comparison pictures out there I believe so you can judge the difference.

    Another thing to consider is that my monitor came bundled with the glasses for the price you see on newegg. So, I didn't have to buy anything else except what I linked(you will of course need an Nvidia GPU).

    One more thing. When using Nvidia 3DTV Play with a 3DTV, you use the TV's glasses, whether they be active or passive, NOT Nvidia's. You ONLY use Nvidia's glasses when gaming on a 3D Vision monitor. Sorry to make that so clear, but I've seen people go out and buy the Nvidia Glasses when they didn't need them.

    The only other thing I can think of is active vs passive 3D. All of Nvidia's 3D Monitors are active, TV's are half and half(I would guess). If you want me to list the differences between active and passive, let me know, but I'm guessing you already are aware of that.

    As a final note, I'm not hating on 3DTV's. Mine works great for PS3 games and Blu-Rays in 3D, but for PC games I find my Monitor is superior. My Monitor also seems to have a lot less ghosting, but that's because on my TV I would turn the depth all the way up, which is more than like 3D Blu Rays.

    That's all I got. I'll apologize right now for the lenght, as most of it you might know, but just trying to help out. Let me know if you have any other questions about my setup or 3D.

    EDIT - I'm a tard, didn't notice you made an edit with the games you planned on playing. For games like borderlands and Bioshock, a 660 would do fine I'm sure, since they are older and not so demanding. Crysis 2 is more demanding, but at the same time, uses a special method to implement 3D called the Z buffer or something like that. The 3D isn't as good as standard 3D(redrawing the whole image on screen), but has a far lower hit on performance(I don't even notice a drop a whole lot). Don't quote me on that though, I read that a while ago, I'll have to look into it some more.
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  5. Thank you.
  6. Np, hope at it all works out for you. 3D gaming is really fun and immersive, I hope you can enjoy it.

    The following is a link to Nvidia's website, where you can search for games and see their 3D rating:

    Another useful link is to the Helix Mod game list. 3D can cause certain issues in games, causing things to render at the wrong depth, etc. Any game that has a Helix Mod gets a lot of these issues fixed b the mod. I've never installed on of the mods, but I've heard they do a very good job at fixing any existing problems. Anyways, here's the link:
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