Your opinion about the desktop i set up!

Hello im kind of a noob with this, first time i build a PC!

Don't get confused by the greek language on the right and left, the parts are named in English , as they originally are.
I would like your opinion.It would really matter since I am a rookie and 800 euros for me is a lot to build a fail system :P

It costs 806 euros ( 1020 US dollars)
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  1. Hi
    There is this site, you can select your details there and make sure they fit together, just make sure compatability filter is ON. Nice build, also. Though i'm not sure why there's only SSD, don't you wanna buy HDD too? Of course, it's ok if 120Gb is enough for you.
  2. i use a laptop for downloads , stoarage and stuff. This pc will only have Steam games, Dota2, COD, Windows, Chrome and maybe any new game that i will install, play and uninstall. You dont think the components fit?? I think that site lists only the parts that fit
  3. Yup that system's fine.
  4. i changed the Sapphire 7870 with Gigabyte 7870 , because i saw many guys mentioning black screen problems, even in the official AMD site. But Gigabyte most of them said , its bigger, so you think it fits there?

    i dont know how u estimate it :(
  5. I read on the internet that the Gigabyte model couldnt fit in many cases cuz its larger
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