[NOOB] 7850 - Eyefinity

Hi there guys.

First off I jumped into things, bought 3 27 inch monitors but didn't know why VGA would be a problem.

I bought a 7850 to go along with it.

I was under the assumption that it was just plug and play.

After a few days of stress and £50 wasted on wrong adapters I have come here to be saved.

Basically, can someone explain to me how to setup eyefinity on 3 monitors.

I will be sending back the monitors I have at the moment and buying new ones.

7850 Eyefinity for Dummies!

What does my card have:

2xMini Display Port

If someone could link the adapter I need and what I need to plug in I will love you forever.

At the moment I am under the assumption I need to use the DVI and 2 mini display ports but im not sure what adapters I need.

Thanks alot in advance guys!
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  1. So I need two of those?

    Thanks a lot for the quick response guys!
  2. Yup 2 of those or you could use 2 dvi connections and 1 of those your call.

  3. I just bought 2 of these.

    Going to use both DP and the regular DVI connection.

    That will work right?
  4. Uh not to burst the bubble but doesn't eyefinity REQUIRE active dongles? The ones you linked are passive. Or to quote from AMD site:
    As an example, using a passive adapter to connect a DVI monitor to a GPU’s DisplayPort connection will essentially cause that DisplayPort output to communicate with the “language” of DVI. As far as the GPU is concerned, it does not have a DisplayPort monitor connected, and therefore cannot leverage the benefits that DisplayPort enables (e.g. AMD Eyefinity technology).

    Anyway I would use 1xdvi 1xhdmi (hdmi to dvi cable $3) and an active dp to dvi adapter.

    I use http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004071ZXA/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i00 which is active and works.
  5. This is assuming for eyefinity gaming, for just extended screens the passive will work fine.
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