Can my friends graphcis card play guild wars 2

My friend is planning on upgrading soon but he has an older version mac. The processor and ram are at the minimum requirements for GW2 but im not so sure about his GPU

His is a 9400m geforce. The minimum stated on the website is geforce 7800. I'm not very good with graphics cards and their capabilities. I've read on some sites that some people can run it with it but I figured Id just ask to make absolutly sure before he blows 60 bucks on a game he cant play.
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  1. You say he is upgrading soon, so it wouldn't be a waste of money buying Guild Wars 2 since he will buy it anyway when he gets a new computer (lets pray to god its not another crap Mac).

    In any case, I would bet towards that video card NOT working.

    EDIT: If you use this chart:,3107-7.html

    you can see the 9400m is in the same hierarchy as the "Integrated: Intel HD Graphics 3000" which is the LOWEST required spec for GW2 so it might work, but in the lowest of lowest form.
  2. It is just below the minimum.
    I'd wait. GW2 might drop in price before he upgrades his PC It most certainly won't go up in price though...
  3. thats true. He's really anxious to play it and when i say "soon" its within the next year possibly assumin he can get the money for it.

    Life situation aside, thanks for the reponses. I compared it to my friend who did take a gamble with one of his really old GPU. They are both in the same category also so this furhter puts the nail in the coffin that he could probably play it, just not really well : P

    Thanks for the prompt response guys!
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