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My Pc has a Yamaha DS-XG sound card which has developed a problem in the Legacy Sound System. In Device Manager it says " cannot find any free IRQ for this device Code12." It gives a list of alternative devices which also use the same IRQ, but all of them appear to be essential to operation. All sound functions continue to operate correctly, but on start up and shut down I get a fatal error screen or it stops shutdown. If there is no simple way to fix this problem, I am amenable to simply getting another card. Please advise. Thank You.
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  1. new sound card ? you should be able to go to cmos and give it a irq that is unique ,their are 15irq to choose from.
    also you can disable serial port to gain another irq
    but if looking for new card try
    <A HREF="http://www.voyetra-turtle-beach.com/site/products/santacru/" target="_new">http://www.voyetra-turtle-beach.com/site/products/santacru/</A>
    <A HREF="http://us.hercules.com/products/product.php3?id=9" target="_new">http://us.hercules.com/products/product.php3?id=9</A>
  2. Thnx. I was able to disable a printer port that is not in use and it cleared the problem.
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