How can I make the price of this computer closer to $1000

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  1. Hmm nice parts pick...

    This case is sufficient for your needs, even looks awesome.

    Do not splurge as much on an SSD as they don't scale as much as the price goes up. Hyper-X drives aren't that great anyway.
    Try this :

    I would say get an Intel SSD rather, but can not find one on the site you provided. Will you be purchasing from newegg???
  2. I'm kinda set on my case cause it looks so sexy...
    And the reviews on the ssd you gave me kinda scare me...
    It seems like I would have to buy a new ssd if I got that one...
    (Reviews say that it will break after 1-2 years of use)
  3. All SSDs have a chance of breaking after only a few years, they dont have a very high write tolerance to them, which is why having a HDD for mass storage is the way most people do it.

    Intel SSDS are a lot more expensive than they need to be.
    I have an agility 3, and its been great so far. Plus for the cost, you could get 2 agilitys on sale for the price of one intel.

    The samsung SSD's have a great price/performance ratio.

    If you get a radeon 7950 instead of that gtx 660, youd save about 50 bux, and with the current never settle deal, get 3 games for free.

    The other thing i noticed, is you didnt include an OS. Do you need to purchase one?

    Being black november and all, subscribe to neweggs emailing list, as they send notifications of all their crazy black november deals, and be on the lookout for some real steals.

    I got my agility 3 on newegg for $60 after rebate, cant beat that deal.
  4. SSDs break easily! :0
    I'm trying to keep this computer for 4 years or so...
    So should I just skip the ssd and get a hard drive instead?
    Also what manufacturer do you reccommend for the video card?
  5. AssassinAzn said:

    honestly i think the 7950 would be a better card for the price. much better in fact.
  6. anyone get that deja vu feeling?
  7. I would honestly build a different graphics card, almost 1/3 of your cost is budgeted towards that card - you could honestly shave off $100 by buying a cheaper card and be more in line with your budget, and see almost no realistic drop in performance. I mean, I'm still running on a 5770 card that ran me $130 and I have pretty tolerable graphics performance. Try picking up the 2gb GTX560, it'll drop your overall price for only a slight hit in performance.
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