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I recently switched from a gt520 to a hd5670 that I got for free. I will he using this card for a few months until I can get a hd7770 or similar. With both of these cards I have experienced a small amount of screen tearing only when moving quickly in a game. What could be causing this?

Other specs:
Phenom 2 x4 965 black edition
8gb ddr3
160gb HDD 1.5gbps
Gigabyte 78lmt-sp2 revision 5.0
Acer 23in monitor 1080p VGA connection
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    As you might have suspected, it's caused by quick camera movements. Enable VSync to get rid of it.
  2. I have already done this and the problem persists.
  3. Did you enable that in catalyst control center? If not, do it there.
  4. Yes, with it forced on in the CCC the problem still exists.
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