Some help building a new rig.

I'm building a new desktop, and I haven't done it in years so I need some tips. I just need a PSU, CPU, MoBo, Ram and a case. Budget is about $650. This is my current setup:

I really don't want to buy an overpriced case that has flashing lights, flamethrower, spinning tires or other un-needed junk.


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  1. Sure on the flamethrower?

    You may want to post in the homebuilt systems section :)
  2. The PSU is horrible, no offense. Other than that your setup is pretty good. I'd recommend getting the Rosewill Challenger U3. Also, what GPU do you have? And I'd recommend getting only 8GB RAM as very few programs can use that much, and you'll have room for expansion later on.
  3. I am confused. Why do you need what you already have??
  4. Okay so this is new new setup, what PSU should I get?

    I've also been hearing good things about the new AMD FX-8350, what's the thoughts on that?
  5. Its hard to recommend a PSU without knowing which GPU you have/plan to buy
  6. Probably the HD 7870
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