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hi, i am using geforce210 grahic card. Now i want to upgrade my graphic card to geforce gtx550ti.Should i have to change
my motherboard.
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  1. That depends. What are your system specifications right now? The 550Ti is not a very good card. Get the Radeon HD7770 instead.

    You will probably have to upgrade the power supply.
  2. send you system specifications
  3. Hello,my system specifications are as follows
    intel E5700 dual core processor of 3.0Ghz
    4GB DDR3 RAM,Gigabyte G41st motherboard
    graphic card is Geforce 210.
    Now I want to upgrade my graphic card so that all new games like Battlefield 3,NFS RUN etc can smoothy run.
    Suggest me a bet Nvidia graphic card
  4. I answered your question over here:


    I asked if you would please post your power supply and your budget.
  5. Think it was his twin brother.
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  7. I will change my power supply if necessary and budget is arround Rs:7000/-
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