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this the system which i am planing to get should i make any changes :hello: :bounce:
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  1. link not working...
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  3. all parts are good but 2 way sli? first try one gtx 670 and see what it can give if u will not get that much performance then sli it with another one:)

    btw read this review its of that gpu only asus one:-,8.html
  4. what about a single 690
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    better buy gtx 670 sli instead of that:)but what i m telling is to use one and see the performance if it will not give that much performance then sli it simple:)what games you play at which setting and resolution?
  6. i got a ps3 but i'll games which are graphics are too high for the ps3 and i dont have the same games
  7. and i got 3000$+ so i want the best performance and wont probably change for quit some time at least 5 years future proof
  8. hello
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