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Whats up guys, So i recently started to play a game called tribes and it's a fun game at the moment. anyways!

I noticed my GPU is running way hotter then normal with this game 65 to 67c
evga gtx 560

Cooling? of course i got 4 120mm cooler master r4's 1 blowing on to the gpu case fan and 1 front 1 top 1 back.

Anyways i turned vsync on and it caps me at 60 fps no dips? I get over 100 fps with the game maxed out so having 100 + fps is pointless.

Is by turning vsync on reducing the work load? Cause i tested it and i went from 65c 67c to a more normal temp im happy with 55 - 54c? or did i just get lucky that time.
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  1. Cant find the edit buttom, But i also would like too add yes i know vsync is for tearing in games well to prevent it and such. But i find it strange how i enable i get a cooler gpu then if i had it on? getting 100 + fps disabled 60 fps stable never going below 60 and also getting better temps.
  2. Yes it does reduce the workload leading to better temps...

    But your original temps were fine, well below normal. Thay can go right up to 80c+ without you having to worry!
  3. It is limiting your card to 60 hz, and causing it not to run as hard and run cooler. Some games cause issues in certain areas because the card simply run so fast they cause tearing and other issues - especially in load screens.
  4. awesome reply guys helped me out :)
  5. No probs, you have nothing to worry about.... :)
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