Upgrade system configuration...will it work?

So here we are after 7 years. At last, bored with not being able to play any decent game with fluidity, I decided to give the computer a huge revamp, but I didn't realized that it was far more involved that I thought.

Last year I thought the same, but ended up buying a Palit GTX 460 1Gb as my local PC shop guru told me:"NAH!, to play games your Pentium D will do, it is all down to the graphic card".

But obviously with 2 Gb of ram, and a 2.8Ghz Pentium D (920 I think it was) I don't think I am going anywhere these days apart from writing letters in Word and sending e-mails...ah, yes, minesweeper, of course.

Now, the idea is to get a Z77 board to replace my useless Asus P2ND SLI and stick a I5 3570K there with at least 8Gb of ram...and that's where everything started to get sticky, because I want to re-use the case, which is a top mounted PSU one, with 550 w, two rear small fans, a bigger one in the front. The case is pretty air tight and the only vent window apart from the fans ones is a lateral one with mesh with a plastic cone coming from the side of the lateral panel that sits on top of the typical Intel down blowing heat sink fan that cools the CPU.

The questions are: which Z77 should I go for: Asrock extreme6 or the Gygabyte gaZ77X DH3?. Both sit in the £100-115£ mark and do SLI / Crossfire for future upgrades.

The CPU I think is fine as it can be overclocked, although I will be doing ultra-safe overclocking. Regarding this, I was thinking to go for a Hyper 212 evo or the Gelid tranquilo? Any preferences?. But that cone thing in the lateral panel will either need to go, or find a down blower fan. Any downblowers as good as the fans I mentioned?.

The last issue is that all the fans in the case blow air out of it...I thought that the front fan should be blowing air into the case...confused here, but hey!, it was a Mesh computer and they even installed the wrong graphic card 7 years ago...so any thoughts about motherboard, cpu, fan and case's fan actual situation?.

Sorry for the length of the e-mail, but I wanted to get "everything" out.

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  1. Overclocking those processors gives you really marginal gains at the expense of a lot of extra heat and power consumption .
    At 1080p resolution and high image settings the graphics card will be the limit .

    If you can modify the case then cut a hole in the bottom of the front or just in the bottom to let air in

    A graphics card like a Radeon 7850 will game well . Obviously if you spend more you get more

    Asrock Extreme4 is a decent choice that wont blow your budget
    At 1080p SLI or crossfire is not needed with current top end graphics cards
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