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Starting putting together my system the other day. After reading many posts here, I decided to breadboard the CPU, memory and HSF (Phanteks).
Plugged in PSU and turned it out and got scared for a few minutes because the fan was not turning and I thought my PSU was dead. Then I noticed the light on the power switch of the mobo. Turned it on, memory lights starting flashing (crucial ballistic tracer) and heard the one beep from little speaker I attached.

Then I heard one more beep (which sounded different and I think was most likely the LED display on the Mobo (but not 100% sure). Asus P8z77-v deluxe.

Got a code of d7 which looked up and is just no input device. Also got the another LED lit up for boot device. Again, that seems normal.

Here is my question/concern. I have the mobo ontop of box it came in and have been careful to only handle by edges. Now with the Phanteks HSF on it, it seems to be very heavy to me and I am a bit worried about warping the MOBO though from what I read it seems doubtful. But with such a heavy HSF it
is going to be nearly impossible to handle by edges when I got to put in the case.

So my question is what would be a good way to install in case. Is there some type of material I can put on my hands so I can grab the mobo underneath
part way? Like cotton socks?

Also if anyone has other advice, comments, its all greatly appreciated. Thanks to you guys on this forum, I have learned quite a lot these last couple months.

If it matters, I have a Coolermaster HAF X case.

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  1. Take a look how he does it, the steps are the same
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    Lauri here is a great video that i also watched and i liked it a lot Just skip video to certain period and you will find installation of what you need. Hope this helps :)
  3. I watched both videos and they were very good. They both seem to hold the board with bare hands but that seems risky to me. I guess I am just overly cautious. Would it be bad to use part of the static wrap or cotton socks to hold the motherboard while I put it in the case? Or I am just worrying over nothing?
  4. You are worrying too much.. but if you think that cotton sock will be good and safe for you then do it.
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