GPU and PSU upgrade

Here is my current PC, with all factory settings and hardware:

Here is the GPU I wish to buy:

And here is the PSU I wish to buy:

My question is, will these upgrades work with my specific computer and will they fit, function, with no compatibilty issues. Please give your ideas on this, and if you have any better suggestions tell me.

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  1. They will work without any problems whatsoever. However, I'd advice you wait 1 day for GTX 660 To launch - it may be better than HD 7850 (there are no benchmarks yet), and will cost the same.
  2. Alright, great! However, I am on multiple sights asking this same question, and i am getting mixed answers. I want to make absolutely certain that this PSU and GPU ugrade will work for my specific pc, and that there is nothing else that i need to upgrade to be able to play the games that I play on my computer.

    One concern I have is cooling, will this particular upgrade overheat my graphics card in my HPE h8-1110 computer? Should i look into buying a new cooler/fan or any other hardware before i replace and install the GPU and SPU? Or should i be fine and continue on with the order through
  3. Better measure your case to see if it will fit. 207(L)X105(W)X35(H) mm size.
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