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Is there a way that I can lower the price so it is closer to $1000

I like my case...
my main concern is how long my ssd will last.
Also I'm trying to choose between a Evga super clocked Geforce GTX 660 Ti 2gb and a Gigabyte Geforce GTX 660 Ti 3gb. Which one should I pick.
This computer will mostly be used for gaming and school work... and I need it to last for about 4 years. I might upgrade in between like buying a hard drive.

Computer parts link:
Gigabyte video card in link^^^^^^^^^

EVGA video card:

I need to keep the price of the computer near $1000
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  1. If you wanna lower the price closer to $1000, you are going to have to go lower on that GPU.
  2. should I do the Evga one or the Gigabyte one
  3. Gigabyte, better cooling.
  4. thank you I think I'm going to just get a cheaper mouse and buy that one later. like for christmas :D
  5. Average life of a decent SSD is 5 years. I think samsung warranties their 830/840 for that long. Really it depends on how much writing you do to it, installing the OS and apps, is fine but if your going to be video transcoding or anything that requires a high number or writes then go with a secondary HDD.
  6. If you want better future proofing, go with a 670, they are as low as $350 now and considerably faster than 660. Do not use 3GB a waste as that ram is not needed in graphics.
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