System Freeze, suspect GPU (6950's)

So about a week ago I started getting system freezes while playing games so I started monitoring temps in Afterburner and right as the temps for my GPU's hit 76C the system freezes

Right now Im using a crossfire setup with 2 MSI Twin Frozr II 6950's, now that being said I should have no heat issues whatsoever with these cards (if you believe what people post on newegg reviews)

has anyone had problems with these overheating?

all clocks are at stock with stock voltage and fans are on max
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  1. What power supply?
  2. Rosewill 950w Extreme series

    read some reviews on it after purchase and really couldnt find anything about failures, but nonetheless it has plenty of power for my system

    is there any way to monitor PSU temps?
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    No, the PSU should be fine.
  4. so any ideas?
  5. hmm does the system freeze for a few secs then go black, then recovers as if nothing happens. If so then my single 7950 does this if i overclock at a low voltage. atleast that's what i have so far to be the issue.
  6. nah this is a complete system lock, have to restart pc, not even bluescreen

    I dropped my cpu overclock and RAM overclock and it still happened, tried upping voltage on stock GPU clocks to see if that would help but still happened
  7. Also, 76C is not that hot. Mine went up past 85C in certain games before I switched it out. I had to replace it with a GTX460 (don't worry the 6950 is still being used)
  8. one of the fan blades is missing on the warmer card so that would probably explain the higher temps but I cant explain the system hang, and its only on some games

    NFS Shft 2, Dirt 3, Skyrim*

    *these are all on an eyefinity setup res 6024x1080
  9. So upon further testing Ive isolated what i think is the problem

    I disabled crossfire and was playing BF3, temps got up to the threshold of the 77-79C area and system locked but this time it was just the driver that failed

    so more than likely i have a bad card, but how can I go about fixing the problem?
  10. Are your cards overclocked? Try one at a time.
  11. no overclock, just did that and only one causes the problem
  12. So I pulled the bad card out and the system is much more stable, MSI granted me an RMA so hopefully ill have a new stable card here shortly
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