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First off, i want to say that this probably isnt the right place to put this but i wasnt sure were else to post.

During hurricane sandy, my whole community lost power. When i finally got power back, i went to go turn on my computer. To my surprise, when i pressed the power button, the computer would turn on for about 1 second, than turn off. About 5 secs later it would come back on again for one second and it woud repeat. My first instinct was the psu. I opened up the pc and unplugged everything from it. Starting with the motherboard, i started to connect each wire. It was starting with each piece until i got to the 6-pin connections (HDD/DVD drive). Whenever i plugged these in, the problem would start again. Is it possible for only some of the psu to be broken. I was playing on my computer when we lost power but it is plugged into a surge protector.

asrock z77 extreme4
evga gtx680 ftw+ 4gb
corsair ax850
g.skill ripjaws 8gb
intel i5 3570k
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  1. Corsair generally has good protection against stuff like this.

    Have you tried ALL of the HDD connectors?
  2. by hdd connectors do you mean the 6-pin psu connectors or the connectors on the motherboard end?
  3. I'm confused now. You say the HDD connections are broken, the SATA ones? Because 6-pin generally means graphics card.
  4. the hdd is connected to a SATA cable the connects the hdd to the motherboard. The 6-pin connects the hdd to the psu.
  5. Right. Modular PSU.

    Are there any other SATA ones you can try? Maybe try one HDD at a time or something. Just tinker around with it for a little bit.
  6. although it was working before, the not-turning-on issue is happening even with only the motherboard connected. If it helps i was able to get into my bios earlier. I don't know if that rules out the mobo, but im pretty convinced its the psu. Have you ever heard of this not starting problem before?
  7. I've heard many similar problems. If you have a friend who would let you tinker with his computer, I would try that.
  8. i want to do the paper clip test, ut the problem is that the wires are all black on the mobo plug. Is there a way to find out the color of the wires?
  9. I can't recall exactly which motherboard pins you short to do so.

    The fact that you got into the BIOS though seems like a factor that the power supply is working....sorta.

    I would just see if you can't try some other parts you might have lying around.
  10. Im back to the problem where if i hook up the hdd or the dvd drive it no long works, but without them the pc works fine. This may be do to the fact that theyre 6-pins and that part of the psu doesnt work or that the actual SATA part of mobo doesnt work.
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