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I'm wandering how I should set up a dual screen display. Specifically I want both the monitors to act as one extended display. My graphics card is the Radeon HD 6570. Thanks.
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  1. well there are a number of different ways you can do it but the easiest way to do it is to attach both monitors to the card with DVI, then inside the desktop right click and go to resolution and it should show both monitors

    there should be an option to extend the desktop to these displays
  2. Should be simple.
    Just attach your two monitors to the video card.
    Under windows, right click on the desktop, and you will see two monitors.
    Select the option to extend the desktop.
  3. Thanks. So I need a DVI cable?
  4. Ok thanks for the help.
  5. you could use a vga cable with a dvi to vga converter if you dont have a dvi cable but yes thats how you would do it, or you could use an hdmi and a dvi, really are several ways to do it, but the most straightforward way would be to use dvi cables
  6. no prob
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    1337RPG said:
    Thanks. So I need a DVI cable?

    You only need to be able to attach your two monitors. Any way you can.

    Many monitors offer a selection of attachment ports or cables.

    Usually, the 6850 will give you a dvi, vga, and hdmi port. You can use any two of the three.
    If you need an adapter to connect, they often come with the card, but are cheap regardless.
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