Why won't my new rig start up?

Is the build ^

I tried turning it on and I get the front LED of the case turning green, the rest of the PC including fans and LED doesn't do anything, no video output.

Any ideas, other then faulty parts?
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  1. is the power button hooked up right on the motherboard?
  2. Yeah this is whats happened so far: I did some more stuff, got a 3 beep signal, then I pushed my ram harder then I thought I should just to get the click on it, and that finally fit in, then now Idk if output is coming out or not but the frigging things makes no sound now :P also is there any way to make my 7950 3GB show output through my mobo?
  3. StrangeInstance said:
    also is there any way to make my 7950 3GB show output through my mobo?

    hmm...not that i know of.
  4. 1) Update bios(if possible)
    2) Clear Cmos, do this if you cant start or have messed with the bios (don’t forget to unplug the computer from the wall and let it sit for few minutes, if you don’t have a jumper than remove the battery make sure the computer is unplugged and let it for about10 minutes before putting the battery back in)
    3) Check your psu
    4) Make sure your computer is hooked up correctly
    5) Run memtest(if possible)
    6) Run Burnintest (if possible)
    7) If all else fails then try a gpu, Ram, or psu from another computer
    Hope this helped! :D
    try all of this,

    do the fans spin? and everything seems to work but just no output?

    also i'm leaning more to ram than anything, because with no ram it will start up normally just no display and no "real boot"
  5. Fixed it on my own, turns out had to boot with one stick and damn.. you have to push that ram in hard 0.0
  6. XD yeah its a bitch made me bleed... Twice :lol:

    anyways im glad you figured it out! :D
  7. Yeah, sliced my finger open when putting the panel from the mobo on the case, that things sharp as hell!
  8. :lol: yeah hey you have to bleed for your computer to boot :na: its a blessing to the computer gods
  9. :) Selling my old one for an i5 2500k, 10k RPM HDD, and a 23' screen.

    Nice compared to my i3 2100 7200RPM atm
  10. Best answer
    OK, well I was glade to help. Don't forget to pick a best answer if I helped you
  11. You didn't but your nice so here ya go :D
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  13. :lol: well hope the rest works out for you! :D
  14. Thanks, right now its shitty but getting better, my i3 has no cooler on it, its runing naked, and I stole it (and my HDD) form my old PC, which I planned to use its screen, but its screen wouldn't work without all the parts I stole from it being inside it, so I`m selling the whole OLD PC(Putting back the stolen parts) on ebay, right now its going for $406, and if I can get 408 or so, I`m good to get an i5 2500k and a 10k RPM hdd, and a nice screen :D heres ebay link:
  15. nice :D

    p.s. get the i5-3570k its only like 10$ more and is like 10% more powerful
  16. Oh when it sells I`m planning on this:
  17. whats your gpu?
  18. 7950 3GB
  19. oh yeah nice thats a good upgrade, hope everything works well... no more no posts :D
  20. lol Yeah right now the i3 is bottlenecking so hard that my bf3 fps on ANY settings is around 25
  21. yeah mine is like 30-60 on any settings when it should be 50-80 with my 670
  22. Ikr cant wait for i7
  23. :lol: me neither i hat my cpu... but I gotta wait quite a while ugh
  24. I hears the fx 8xxx gets shat on by an i5 2500k, lol? Sorry to hear about your CPU :P I`ll end up getting a 3770k if I get the $550 I need from my pc, check its price now!:

    A guy who hasn't bid yet sent me a message about it, if it has a keyboard+mouse or not, then I sent him this:

    "Dear my_****,

    Ok, sorry for the extra message but I`m going to be honest when I say your better off using the "buy it now" button, on my PS3 I started it at 160, I was gonna have it at "Buy it now" for $225, then it ended up selling for $300. If you don't believe me look at my past selling history, and look at the bidders currently, they have gone up $100 within a day, and within the last few hours they can either snipe it or raise it to a high price."
  25. yeah i see what you mean... oh and the 2500k smocks it in gaming but not in editing the 8XXX smocks it in anything with editing because it has hyper threading and multi threads
  26. What are multi-threads? Also can you tell me if this is 60hz?
  27. yes it is... but i would get this instead
  28. that one has a hdmi in which is awesome you will get the best performance quality possible out of that
  29. oh lol im one more best answer away from silver in systems... im kinda scared about going into silver... :na: hope i can get gold soon :D
  30. :D not that I don't beleive you or anything but can you show me where? I searched for like 15 mins and couldn't find it. and I can't D: I have HDMI as my main output, which the dell has, I want 23' which the dell has, and I`m on $130 which the dell has.
  31. oh i see :lol: sorry did not notice it was 130... hold on here is the 60hz thing

    oh wow! :D ill have to get that myself, i need a monitor for my xbox and 130 is good with the hdmi input... be sure to update me when you get it and tell me how it looks
  32. StrangeInstance said:
    What are multi-threads? Also can you tell me if this is 60hz?

    oh sorry... im not sure what multithreading is but I think its where is not the entire core focused on one thing its all over the place(which you need when you edit videos) but yeah I guess thats not very good with games because its really hard to optimize with games
  33. :) Will do, thanks again, also its reported for fast shipping, I kinda am like 80% ish sure I`ll get $550 for the old PC, which finished tomr.. well today now in 19 hours. :D So I expect the build to be done weds, no later then thurs.
  34. :lol: were having a nice talk right now about computer parts :na:

    I'm thinking i5-3570k or i7-2700k... what do you think?

    cool... if you dont get the 550 i would say then just get the i5-3570k I dont think there is that much of a difference between the two(3770k i think the only reason it is more expensive is that it has hd4000 onboard graphics)

    hope this helps... also your getting a cpu cooler right?
  35. Um.. no offence but the main difference is hyperthreading xD

    Also no, I`m not getting an extra cooler, no overclocking for a while, as my i3 2100 to an i7 3770k will feel like upgrading from justin beiber to eminem :P
  36. :lol: ok well i have to go too bed I report anything and ill try and answer it asap... Hope you get your 550! :D and also have fun picking out the parts thats the best part of building a computer :na:
  37. Hehe yeah, everything is picked out though :) and imo the most fun part is after 2-3 hours of work, turning it on and seeing it light up :)
  38. :lol: completely agreed! :na:
  39. Yeah :P the least fun is installing drivers, downloading updates, then installing them >.> usually I do that over-night so I sleep while it works :D but with an i7 and Cable internet this time, I should be able to have it done in at least half the time <3 Also right now the bottleneck for my 7950 with my i3 is 85% (only 15% of GPU is being used on bf3 ultra)
  40. :lol: yeah i feel you.. i get like a 60% use, also how did you check that because i would love to make sure that my cpu is bottlenecking my gpu
  41. Open up task manager, then open up your video manager, for me it was Catalyst, then load high settings, (any in my case), and look if one of them is at 100%, for me my i3 2100 was at 100% while my 7950 was at 15%, meaning I have 85% performance being drained.
  42. hmm ugh im really dissapointed with this 670... its not getting the fps i want
  43. I hear often the FX-8210 gets shat on by the i5 2500.. and thats not even the greated gaming CPU, see the problem? Also you could sell that on ebay for a good price..
  44. yeah... but i need about 500 cash to get a cpu and mobo... ugh and now that christmas is coming(also black ops2) I don't have that kind of money, I may get if after christmas though... Hope when i replace it, it increases my fps dramastically
  45. :P I got the i7 3770k which is overkill for $320ish and a $45 mobo
  46. :lol:
  47. Do you get what I`m saying? You could get like an i5 2500k with a cheap (I know this one is cheap but its good) mobo and get like $250sih budget for this.
  48. yeah i see what you mean... but im going to be overclocking like a bitch and i really like that extreme4 :/
  49. :P I would prefer to keep its life, also I guess you could get an i7 and never overclock >.> 4 cores+4 hyperthreaded at 3.5ghz.. thats pretty nice. Also the thing sold for $460 but I wanted more so I sent 3 of them a message.
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