NO POST no beeps PSU works

I know this is an often thing but I cannot find the answer to my issue anywhere. I have looked at the checklist and other troubleshooting on here and I still cannot find out what is wrong.

This is my second PC build and I cannot get it to post. No beeps either. Fans work, gpu is working, hdd is working. But no post. I took out my Ram, put in 1 and even none. I put in a different cpu and that didnt even work.

MSI 970A-g46
CPU - FX 4130
Memory- Corsair XMS3 2 x 4GB
750W PSU

Is it the mother board? I put in the 4x4 connector and not the 6x2. With the 6x2 in, the comuter wont even start. the motherboard blinks one time and then does nothting.

I am still new to building a PC.
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  1. SO I got it to post , but only with a GPU that has a direct power cable plugged into it. Gpus that dont need a direct power supply will not work. WHy is that?
  2. Maybe that connector is bad? All I got but its a good stab at it.
  3. All GPUs with connectors work. Its the one that dont need extra power that dont work
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