How is this build... It is my first build (gaming build)

If you can...
Give me tips on how I can lower the price closer to $1000
Also I am kinda set on using that case.
Finally how long will the ssd probably last???

Computer parts:

Other things that I will buy:
Speakers, zip ties and anti static wrist band.

Speakers Link:

Thank you in advanced to whomever helps me. :D

P.S. I am 13 so it will be hard for me to do the anti shock thing using just my hands and the computer case.
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  1. The zip ties aren't needed - your PSU will include all you need (more if you buy Corsair). Those speakers are tin cans compared to what you can get if you save your money for better ones. The wrist strap isn't needed either - just build on a clean surface and don't wear anything that will conduct static, you'll be fine.
  2. Where is HDD? You got one already? Because i only see SSD in your build.
  3. Despot96 said:
    Where is HDD? You got one already? Because i only see SSD in your build.

    Yeah I agree - 120GB won't get you very far. You need a mechanical HD for this build, you can always get an SSD later.

    That original build is an excellent start - the i5-3470 is only a $5 difference for higher clock speeds. And then for actually $50 less the Radeon 7950 is a better GPU than the 660TI is.

    Sentey cases are overpriced junk - you would be wise to stay away from them. Get an NZXT Phantom 410 instead:

    Also if you want an SSD this would be a better choice:

    If you make those changes you'll save $70 easily and then you can add a nice 1TB mechanical HD to that build.
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