Should I buy a new desktop or a new graphics card

Right now I'm looking for a new computer to run this game called World of Tanks. Look it up if you want to. And I am really considering buying a new computer but now i might just buy a new graphics card. SO can someone help me please!

My current specs are:

cpu- Intel Inside Pentium D 3.4GHz
Intel Graphics chip

and with the new update of the game I can't even play anymore so should I just buy a new desktop and if so can someone give me a computer that wil play at least play above 20 fps since that will be fine even though you may think that is bad but 20 looks good in this game.
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    I'd get a new system, the pentium D is easy outclassed by todays low end cpus. $500 could get you a system that should run that game very well.
  2. Even this $400 system should run it and all it needs is a later video upgrade to be even better.
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  4. Thank you to all who came here to help me out. I know this is a SUPER LATE reply but i was busy with things. And I have come to the decision to buy a new desktop. One that will easily be enough for me and probably more.
    It is the new Alienware x51 with windows 8!
    Intel i3-2120 3.3 GHz
    6GB RAM
    Nvidia GT 640 GDDR5 1GB dedicated memory.

    Should easily play any game I choose, right?
  5. The 640 gt is a low end card. You cliff build something much better than that Dell built pile for $700.
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