No performance gain with dedicated PhysX card?

So I have a GTX 570 and a GTX 550 Ti. I set the 550 as my dedicated PhysX card expecting a performance gain. While running Borderlands (the only PhysX enabled game I have), I actually experienced a decrease in performance by 5-9 FPS. Anyone know as to why this is happening?
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  1. maybe bc before the physx was completely off and now that its on there is some over head on the cpu? not really sure why else or bc now that the physx is on the 570 is waiting for the 550ti to render all of the physx....maybe try a driver update?
  2. The drivers are up to date. Both card's RAM is being fully utilized in-game, both have 1GB of ram. Should I lower the core clock on the 550 and raise the memory?
  3. no that really wont help you could just try raising the memory and see if that sure you will see a small gain with an oc on the 550ti.....can you tell if the physx was enabled before you put this card in there? or do things look exactly the same before you put this card in?
  4. what cpu and how much ram do you have? this is not an uncommon problem

    notice that a 550ti got better results than the 560ti hmmm.....
  5. ^^that would be a good place to start haha didnt even think of that assumed he knew what he was
  6. If its Borderlands 1, it does not run Physx.
  7. Borderlands does run PhysX, I have 16GB of 1600 RAM, and an i7-2600K clocked at 4ghz.
  8. Dzigeezoo said:
    Borderlands does run PhysX, I have 16GB of 1600 RAM, and an i7-2600K clocked at 4ghz.

    Nope, Borderlands 2 only.
  9. Drums101, a dedicated PhysX card DOES NOT render anything. It simply offloads the PhysX work from the CPU. Once it has finish calculating the PhysX work, it sends the commands that tell the primary gfx card what particles to draw i.e. glass shards, bullet casings, etc.With that being said, the performance loss is probably because of the latency times between the 550ti and the 570 or the 550ti is worse then the i7 at PhysX calculating although that would be unlikely. Something even more unlikely is since that there is an 550ti in the system, the 570 may not be getting enough power.
  10. OK excuse me for my poor choice of words by rendering I meant that the 570 is waiting for the 550ti to "calculate" all of the phyx...I def wasnt saying the 550ti was rendering images. I think everyone here figured out what I meant.
  11. Borderlands 1 does NOT run Physx.
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