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No video cant reset cmos after installing video card on a onboard video MB

MOTHERBOARD is a GA-MA790GPT-UD3H,Video is a hd posted with video card but i assume loaded a bad default driver and then no i cant seem to clear cmos and get iether onboard or pci-E videos to work.plese give me some good news!
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  1. remove the motherboard battery to clear the cmos....then have the card plugged in and try to boot into the BIOS...if you get video and can do this then just go in there and change the primary graphics adapter to PCIE or PEG (same thing diff name depending on motherboard) then save settings and reboot...problem solved...if you dont get video with the video card installed remove the video card and hook up the monitor to the onboard...boot into the bios this way and do the same steps changing the primary graphics adapter to PEG or PCIE and then reboot...this time before you power it back on plug the gpu in and the monitor to should be set to go
  2. Did you try unplugging system from power source and removing the MB battery?
  3. i unplugged it with the battery out overnight held down the power button and tripped the clear cmos jumper. i can hear it detecting my drives but it wont power off (even holding power botton for 5 secs) i have to unplug it.i have an Antec 500W power suply-thanx for the fast replies.i F-in love Toms Hardware
  4. so after unplugging it and removing the battery you still get no video from either the onboard or the 6850?
  5. Correct,had problem b4 but reseting cmos it nessesary or possible to do a bios flash headless?shoulnt windows still try to boot w\o video?the power not turning off is unusual also.and my cpu fan isnt working now but may have not noticed that while working since it RAN cool without it, coincedence?
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    if you cpu fan stopped working and its plugged into the motherboard then that is not a good cpu fan will turn off completely when the system is kinda sounds like you may have fried the board somehow during all this...that would explain the not powering off there a way you can test your components in another computer? Like the graphics card/ram/cpu/powersupply?
  7. not good news man!,i can test the fan and power supply tonight,the fan seems to try to work.could it be something reflashing bios could fix if its not the hardware?.(or am i reaching?
  8. lol you are there any way you could test cpu and gpu and ram in another system? flashing a BIOS wouldnt work it seems like its more of a physical hardware issue like something got fried.
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