Windows 7 or Windows 8?

I'm building my first gaming computer and i need to choose an OS, between Windows 7 or 8. I'll be using the computer for gaming and school work. Which OS should I get and why?

PS ive heard all the issues about Windows 8, how it's interface is hard to navigate, but im fine with that. Any NEW information would be very helpful! Thank you!!
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  1. I say windows 7, if you don't have a touch screen.
  2. It's personal preference, there hasn't been any proof of better gaming on Windows 8. Go with the one that you like. Once you get used to Windows 8 user interface, it begins to feel easier and slicker than Windows 7, but that's just me.
  3. You can also add a regular start menu to win 8

    but , yeah the interface sucks beyond belief for a desktop user
    Im thinking it will go down as one of Microsofts mistakes like Win Me and Vista
  4. Not necessarily. You can use the scroll wheel on the start screen and the gestures make some actions smoother.
  5. go to any store and try windows 8 and choose between them , ( thats up to you maybe anyone likes windows 8 but you might dont like it )
  6. Windows 8.
    Window 8 has too many improvements over Window 7 to consider Window 7 for a new build.

    Sure, it was rude of Microsoft to make a desktop user boot into a tablet UI but I do understand the need to do that for marketing reasons. They are attempting to unify their product bases (Windows desktop, Windows phone, and Xbox) and gain entry into the ARM market with surface.

    - If you are a desktop user, just schedule a task to run at logon to kick you into the desktop, turn off your active tiles to reduce network noise and continue as you have been with Windows 7

    - Windows key + x gives me access to a lot of the items I need
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