GTX 295 Cutting Out While Playing Games (At Low Settings)

I have only just recently built my own system at home.
When play games, specifically Mass Effect 1 and Kingdoms Of Amalour: Reckoning, after a short few seconds of game play my Samsung SyncMaster P2350 goes black and says "No Signal".
I am plugged straight from the monitor into the GTX 295 via DVI. Not sure what is happening? This happens on both games and on different graphics settings? I haven't changed any settings on the card since I installed the latest driver, I left all the settings default.
The machine is still on but it is frozen. If I try and move around or attack etc.. you cant hear it, only whatever BGM was playing before it cut out.

Anyone possibly know why this is happening? I didn't know if the card would run Reckoning but I knew it would have to run Mass Effect on all highest settings at least?
Thanks to anyone who can help!
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  1. I know I had a few issues on certain games with my old 295 and my problem related to having to turn sli off in nvidia control panel. But only for certain games. Have you tried this?
  2. Yeah I did try doing that already. No luck.
    However I believe I may have solved my problem. The games where crashing when I had the resolution set to 1920 x 1080.
    I have gone to a smaller resolution now ( forget exactly what it is ) and my games seem to be working fine now?
    Maybe 1080 was too much for the card?
  3. Games are still crashing even on the lowest settings. Thought I had fixed my problem but I still is happening!
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