Best Graphics card(s) for 5760x1080 3D Gaming

Hello, I have a budget of $1200 to spend on some new graphics card(s). Just wondering which setup would be the best for me.
My main focus is to be able to run graphics intensive games on ultra in 3D. I currently have 3 Asus VG278H Monitors setup in 5760x1080 with a 660 ti pushing them but I am going to return the 660 because although advertised, it barely runs games in 3D surround. Was thinking about going for a GTX 690.
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  1. I also have a simalar issue. I have 3 of the VG278HE's and I am looking for the best way to set this up. Right now I have a 660ti and I need to upgrade to run the 5760x1080. Did you have any luck finding the best answer? And what did you end up using for your GPU?
  2. I wouldn't get a 690. Here is my 2 cents. I would say you may be better off getting two GTX670's with 4 gigabytes of ram and putting them in SLi. That or perhaps wait for Titan or even possibly the next series of GPU's coming out sometime in q'2. I've heard with a 690 that the ram is split in 2 so its not really 4 gigabytes usable ram.
  3. I ended up going with 2 evga 670s with 4 gigs ram. They work great.
    Exactly as bigshootr8 said a 690 is essentially 2 gigs of ram when I'm use so I went with dual 4 Gb cards.
  4. Nice how are your frames are you getting pretty good frames even in surround/3d.
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