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I am thinking about getting a new graphics card. I am going for a total of under 200$. I already have a the ATI Radeon 4770 in mind and i will probably need a new psu since mine is only 250w. For a new psu i was thinking the Antec Earthwatts Green EA380D which is 380w. Im hoping to play new games like borderlands 2, and diablo 3 at medium to high settings.

that is my computer specs.

Im open to new suggestions.

Thank you.
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  1. Is this a total of $200 with the power supply? This would be what I would do:

    Your current processor will do well with this card. The power supply is a very good one, and should last you through many computers.
  2. Thank you so much. Just to make sure, these will fit everything perfectly without any further upgrades right?
  3. Everything should fit just fine, I've done power supply upgrades in HP's like yours.
  4. Thanks a ton, it's been ordered.
  5. So the new stuff arrived a few days ago and i got around to attempting to installing them. The power supply went in nicely after I got the hang of it. And the graphics card was really easy to put in. But when i booted it up, the power light came on but it could not connect to the monitor and it was getting no signal. So I opened back up, removed the graphics card closed it, then booted it back up and it worked like a charm. But there is an obvious problem here, the graphics card is not in the computer. I don't know what to do. Please help.
    And thanks so much for your past help.
  6. You did plug in the power cable to the gpu ?
  7. Sorry i sound stupid, but how do i do that or how do i know if i already did.
    btw i'm going to bed now so i wont see whatever you say next till tomorow afternoon.
    Thanks a ton though.
  8. Here see this

    Firstly u have to see which type of connector your psu have... In this case u have 6+2 pin power connector and if im right this card needs a 6 pin power connector so just plug it in

    Here is a picture of ur connector

    U don't need the 2 pin just plug the 6 pin into ur card ( SEE the first pic)
  9. Sorry :D didn't mean to say it again... robjordy was faster than me :D
  10. Better two than none :)
  11. yeah i did actually plug that one in but im not sure about the drivers and whatnot, my gpu did come with a cd but am i supposed to install the cd before the graphics card.
    thank you
  12. wait a second, i just looked at those pictures again, was i supposed to plug in that double pin one that hangs off the side, because i only saw a 6 pin slot on the gpu, but the psu did have two of those pic-e ones both with the two hanging off, did i do it right?
  13. You did right, the 2 pin is for more powerful cards who require 8 pins.

    So thats not the problem then, meh, would have been nice and simple.

    Thinking . . .
  14. You're working from on board graph now ?

    Did you have an other card before or always used on board ?

    Can you have a look in your bios when the new card is in ? See if you have to enable the new card/disable the on board.
  15. Sorry i haven't replied in a while i got sucked into borderlands 2 instantly. i solved the problem, it was that i wasn't using the adapter for the monitor-> card cable. It works like a charm now, drivers installed and everything. Thanks so much for your help though.
  16. So you still had the monitor cable in the on board gpu ?
  17. yep...
  18. :lol:

    Your not the first and definitely not the last :)

    Happy gaming.
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